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“The wine is the most attractive and the most charming of beverages.”

Renato Ratti (1934-1988)



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New admissions and audits of the wineries already included in our group: a wide and qualified panorama, made up of family-run cellars and large companies united by a careful and accurate production philosophy that has obtained the suitability from our “A. Cordero” Tasting Technical Commission.

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A taste of poetry

The wine Barolo

by Marisa Ferrero and Mario Sandri
We thank you for authorizing the publication


It Was Noah who discovered the wine, so says the tradition
There is evidence that the Bible was right
Where the Ark landed after the flood of the universe
The patriarch took a colossal hangover.

Barolo is one of the best Italian wines
It helps the sick and it’s good for healthy
To create it were the Marchesi Falletti in the Nineteenth century
His fame in the world was populated at all times

Also Cavour politician and statesman
Of the Unification of Italy was artificer and artist
As mayor of Grinzane favored the development of the Nebbiolo
And he appreciated the scent and taste of Barolo wine

The King of the Wines, the wine of the Kings is by all defined
Even King Charles Albert was so impressed
That the Marquise da Barolo started wine barrels
On a long line of carts that entered Turin

The Barolo came to the royal house
Carlo Alberto said: This wine is really worth
On fertile hills and land of Ubertoso
We cultivate the Nebbiolo, a precious grape.

This wine in the goblet shines like a ruby.
It looks majestic and its Divine spirit
All the palates are really nice
It was named after a lovely country.

17 March 2011, 150 ° Anniversary of the Unification of Italy



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