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There is wisdom in wine.

Jack Kerouac (1922 – 1969)

Method & Quality

Blind Tastings only

According to the article n. 4 and n. 5 of the Regulation linked to the Statute, the Board of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo establishes and appoints a Technical Tasting Commission to verify the eligibility of the wines presented by expressing a judgement of suitability and to carry out checks on the matches delivered to the boutique. The Tasting Commission is composed of at least 7 members, including the Enoteca’s President (or his delegate), who chairs it, by tasters technicians and experts in wines and lasts in office three years, unless confirmed.

A tribute to the great connoisseur of Barolo

Armando Cordero (1929-2017)

He was a winemaker of great experience and recognized technical skills, but also and above all a gentleman, a wine enthusiast with always courteous manners that led for thirty years the Tasting Commission of the DOCG Barolo and Barbaresco, of which was the historical memory. From Puglia to Brazil, from Belgium to Valtellina and then finally his return to Alba, where he followed many companies and became a member of the Technical Commission of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, for which he had the task of describing the new vintage during the official presentation at the Castello Falletti: a task, that he carried out with precision and frankness, reserving judgements always punctual, polite and balanced. Armando was an absolute master, both from a technical and moral point of view , says Federico Scarzello, President of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo – an incomparable gentleman, always available and passionate, who has done so much for our lands. Master of tasting and educator at the Onav (Nation Association Wine Taster), for many years he also led the Tasting Commission for the Selection of the great wines of the Ordine dei Cavalieri del Tartufo e dei Vini d’Alba.

Our Commissioners

Tasting Masters

Their judgement is final, valid only if there are at least 5 of the 7 expected members.
They are summoned by the Enoteca’s President (or his delegate) whenever necessary, and they judge just on strictly anonymous samples.

Federico Scarzello

His opinion about the Technical Commission:

“It’s very important for the Enoteca in order to evaluate the quality of the wines for sale and for this reason it represents a guarantee. In the same way, we must recognize the role of choice of the Official Selection, that only our Winery realizes with so much rigour. But thinking about my many years of presence in commission, I cannot think of what it has represented for me.”

“I personally lived the various sessions as an extraordinary training opportunity, where every time there was something to learn from the most expert commissioners, first of all Armando Cordero, that I’m honored to consider my master. When I decided to dedicate the Commission to Armando, I did it mainly thinking how much he taught us in and out of the Commission”

Giovanni Bressano

“From the day I was born, August 17th, 1928, I think I have always heard “talk about wine” and I continued to improve my knowledge of this product of the Earth by attending mainly environments and wine associations after serving for well 38 years in the same wine company with managerial positions. In this long period of life, I realized and I can affirm that Barolo wine is truly the King of Wines and must be consumed and appreciated as such.

I personally participated in the evaluation and control of wines of institutionally valid organisms, among which, above all, the Tasting Commission of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, to which I honour myself to work alongside prepared and correct technicians. A serious and competent organism, which guarantees the authenticity of the product as grape and production area to the numerous visitors of the Enoteca. “

Gianluca Colombo

His opinion about vintage 2014:

“Finesse and freshness are important figures and I personally believe, that there are very large differences between the different Municipalities and the Additional Geographic Mentions, with peaks of excellent quality. I find it a vintage with very interesting perfumes, sometimes similar to wines from Burgundy.”

Luca Faccenda

His opinion about vintage 2014:

“2014 is a vintage with high rainfall in June and early July, but it was resumed in the second half of July, August and September. The varieties at the small and late grape, in this case Nebbiolo, have well responded to this second phase of the season and those who managed with accuracy in the cellar macerations and the use of wood has produced fine wines, elegant, with a pleasant point of drink and already well outlined. Barolo more slender than other vintages, but with a harmony already present even in youth.”

Marco Ferrero

His opinion about vintage 2014:


“little power, delicate scents, not for long aging, differences from zone to zone, good harmony, well drinkable, good Barolo to sip”

Giancarlo Germano

“Barolo is the wine of my land, the Langhe area, in which I was born. In my opinion it’s the maximum expression of the great vine Nebbiolo and one of the most or the most representative of the region. In tasting it shows itself, already at the pouring out. Quoting the words of a great master of mine, “Barolo is a wine, that comes to you even before you taste it”

“To be part of the Technical Commission of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo is for me an honor and a reason of great pride, which allows me, in addition to comparing myself with good and competent colleagues, to broaden my knowledge about the Barolo of the various MGA and to always enhance more the work of the producers of this great wine.”

Dante Scaglione

His opinion about vintage 2013:

“It’s a classic Barolo with so much vigor and energy, perhaps more tannin than fruit. I remember a rather abundant grape production, the hand of the producer in the vineyard may have made a difference more than in other vintages. “

Lorenzo Tablino

“Barolo is the wine that has created me more problems, but also reserved the best satisfactions, in more than half a century of professional activity.
It’s not a wine: in the tiny quantity in a glass, there is the maximum concentration of history, culture, work, pleasant sensation and image. Barolo it’s not easy to define, with all its contours and surroundings, with all its enormous versatility and differences, related to a thousand variables. For this reason, still almost two centuries after its official birth, Barolo remains a mysterious wine… very mysterious. Moreover, it likes to escape the “best experts” of tasting and viticulture. Rightly it requires to be first loved, then known, finally it’s happy to move from the old bottle to the big glass.
Perhaps right this is his eternal fascination.”

Gianluca Viberti

His opinion about vintage 2013:

“It’s a vintage with wines, that can surprise you. Even if they are young, some can be already quite elegant, while others show muscles and some edge typical of Barolo. With the proposition a longer and more meditated macerations emerge interesting extracts and for those who have been able to wait in the harvest times of the second half of October, the softness of tannins gives pleasure, austerity and guarantee of good evolution.


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