President and Social Authorities


Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world.

Ernest Hemingway
(1899 – 1961)


Mr. President

Federico Scarzello

“Being President of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo is for me a responsibility and at the same time an honor, because it allows me to represent the participating producers through the consensus and trust that I have granted from the Mayors and the Members.

Almost at the end of the third term, I must admit the personal satisfaction for the results obtained, rather unhoped when I started. ”

Who is Federico Scarzello?

He represents the third generation of vine growers of the Scarzello family. Attentive and ambitious Oenologist, he works in the vineyard and in the cellar with great passion to preserve the elegance and freshness of his wines, indulding the tannins and the quality rather than the tendencies of taste. Besides following his cellar and Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, he is also councillor of the Barolo Municipality and advisor to the Consortium of Protection Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe and Dogliani for the denomination Barolo.

Three-year mandate 2020-2022

The Board of Directors

According to the Articles 5, 6 and 7 of the Statute, the Members of the Council remain in office for three years and then they can be reconfirmed. The rules of President, Adviser and member of the Executive Committee are free of charge.The President is legal representative of the Enoteca and provides for normal functioning, except for the attributions reserved to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.
Any costs for participation in the activities of the Enoteca are charged to the respective entities and legal persons represented.
The Institution is managed by the Council, acting by majority of votes on all the problems and operations pertinent to the Enoteca. If the votes are equally divided, the Chairman shall decide


Federico Scarzello, Mayor’s Delegate of Barolo Municipality

Vice President

Stefano Conterno, Delegate of Monforte d’Alba


Pier Angelo Battaglino, Province of Cuneo

Ivana Borgogno, Barolo Municipality

Paolo Borgogno, Castiglione Falletto Municipality

Sergio Barbero, Cherasco Municipality

Paolo Boffa, La Morra Municipality

Marco Bolla, Diano d’Alba Municipality

Sergio Germano, Consortium of Protection Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe & Dogliani

Alessandro Bonelli, Roddi Municipality

Marta Giovannini, Verduno Municipality

Roberto Passone, Novello Municipality

Gianpiero Fazio, Piedmont Region

Gianfranco Garau, Grinzane Cavour Municipality

Silvia Viazzi, Chamber of Commerce of Cuneo

Sergio Moscone, Serralunga d’Alba Municipality


The Executive Committee

According to the art. 8 of the Statute, the Mayor of Barolo (or his delegate), the delegate of the Piedmont Region and three other components, chosen by the Council in its bosom, form the Executive Committee.
Among the 5 members of the Committee are appointed, by the Board of Directors, the President and the Vice President.
Also the Members of the Executive Committee are in office for three years, unless confirmed.
The Executive Committee shall implement the lines of the Council and carry out the other attributions, which are delegated to it by this, with resolutions taken by absolute majority.


Federico Scarzello, Mayor’s Delegate of Barolo Municipality

Vice President

Stefano Conterno, Monforte d’Alba Municipality


Paolo Boffa, La Morra Municipality

Alessandro Bonelli, Roddi Municipality

Gianpiero Fazio, Piedmont Region


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Saturday: 10,30 - 18,30

Sunday: 10,30 - 18,30

Monday: 10,30 - 18,30

CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday


Our classic tastings, with the help of Enomatic, resume with a selection of up to 16 Barolo per day, different for producer and vintage

from Thursday to Monday, from 10.30 to 18.00