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Always ready for a new idea and an ancient wine.

Bertold Brecht (1898 – 1956)


Excellencies for excellence such as Barolo

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We often collaborate with highly specialized partners to ensure the highest quality of our promotion.
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Pro Loco Barolo

The Pro Loco Barolo operates within the Provincial Tourism Authority of Cuneo. The desire to gather around them all those who have an interest in the development of the country in a particular way under the tourist aspect is considered the main purpose of the Association.


Innovative and technological Museum located in the Castle of Barolo, it proposes an interactive and emotional journey through the culture and tradition of wine, a cultural product capable of scanning the evolution of whole civilizations, influencing artistic expression and shaping the face of territories and peoples.

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Opera Barolo

founded in 1864 by Giulia Colbert Falletti di Barolo, the Opera’s action is aimed to a series of projects to support people in need.

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Professionals, who among other things enhancethe culture of wine and promote its knowledge and responsible consumption. They manage directly the training of professional Sommeliers and teaching staff, in accordance with the rules of their organization.

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Dolce Vita

The Pastry Dolce Vita Located in Costigliole d’Asti, it’s animated by the passion of Alessandro del Trotti, who in his workshop combines the quality of raw materials with the pastry technique and art. He chisels themed sculptures with raw materials of excellence, such as typical Hazelnut “Trilobata” from Langhe, chocolate, pralines.

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Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa

The ‘Strada del Barolo e dei grandi vini di Langa’ association was set up in 2006 with the aim of enhancing, promoting and animating the area where the fine wines of the Langa are born and where the centuries-old traditions, culture and typical food and wine production that have made this area unique in the world are rooted.

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AMORIM Cork Italia Spa

Italian branch of Amorim Group, it’s the leading company in the country for the production and sale of corks. Founded in 1999 from a partnership with a company that has been operating in the market since 1970, Amorim makes excellence a lifestyle and produces corks that are waxes and their own tailor-made solutions for the wines they will protect, directly from the factory of Conegliano, in the heart of the Treviso hills.

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High quality, flexibility and speed are the “keywords”, that have been distinguishing Albagrafica for years.
The typography produces carefully crafted and detailed wine labels and many other groceries. From consultancy to the study of the concept of the label up to its graphic elaboration and to the complete realization, with an eye to the “saving”, without lowering the quality

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Thursday: 10,30 - 18,30

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Monday: 10,30 - 18,30

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Our classic tastings, with the help of Enomatic, resume with a selection of up to 16 Barolo per day, different for producer and vintage

from Thursday to Monday, from 10.30 to 18.00