On the occasion of the session of the Technical Tasting Commission “Armando Cordero”, which was held on April 17th to identify the Official Selection by the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo, we asked impressions on the 2015 vintage of our master tasters. Have a good reading!

The 2015 was a warm vintage and the wines express it clearly: in fact they are rich and pulpy and have great olfactory expressiveness.

I would say that 2015 is overall a good vintage and that, perhaps more than other vintage, rewards some areas compared to others, especially for the maturity of tannins, which in some cases are a bit too dry and vegetable.

In general I think it’s a CONTEMPORARY BAROLO, which plays its personality in the immediacy of its expression more than in the opulence of its character and this aspect is particularly relevant if we consider thatyear after year, within the Technical committee, it is noted that the stylistic differences become more and more refined and do not express more the excesses typical of the past.

With regard to the potential of ageing, it’s difficult to predict: given the good maturity of the wines tasted in committee, I would say that it is not the case to wait, although in all likelihood for many wines there is good potential for the medium Period.

Federico Scarzello

Oenologist and Wine maker, President Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

The Barolo 2015 is the result of a warm year.

The phenological phases of the vine have always occurred in advance as compared to a normal year. I don’t remember, however, situations of water stress in the vineyards of the area during maturation.

In my opinion, in most cases the Barolo 2015 presents to the nose beautiful notes of ripe fruit, not excessive equlibrate, that to the taste correspond to a good “roundness” and to a tannic texture almost always in the norm. Nel complesso la considero un’annata apprezzabile sotto il profilo dell’equilibrio, dell’armonia e certamente della buona bevibilità, senza sminuire affatto il carattere.

Potential for ageing? I await the judgement of the most experienced.

Dante Scaglione


2015 was an year with a favorable climatic course, tending to be warm. Barolo is the result of the vintage for which rich, intense, pulpy wines.

In the early stages of the harvest I remember that they seemed “warmer” than the evolution they had.

The olfactory profiles are deep and already well expressive and the flavours are those intense of a beautiful vintage with a well-developed and present pleasantness.

I agree that they are Barolo enjoyable in the medium term or still do not need many other years of refinement to manifest the nature of the thousandth.

I think that the beauty of wine, produced by agricultural activity, is this, having in the glass the expression of a territory in a particular year for which the 2015 and its (relative) ease of drink!

Luca Faccenda

Oenologist, Wine Maker

2015 vintage has been hot since February, which has recorded mild temperatures and above the seasonal averages. This situation led to an advance of the phenologic stages starting from budding. In the pre-harvest period the temperature hikes between day and night were not relevant and therefore did not arrive to obtain a perfect phenolic maturity.

Barolo 2015 are very expressive wines to the nose, the bouquet is not very complex but the predominantly fruity scents are fine and intense.
In the mouth, despite the warm vintage, have good freshness, medium structure and good roundness that helps to integrate well tannins sometimes green and not perfectly ripe.

They are still nice wines, which you will appreciate in full in the medium period.

Francesco Versio


From the climatic point of view we can define the vintage 2015 more than in the norm, indeed good. The heavy snowfalls have allowed a good water supply and in the first months of the summer, especially in July, the heat sometimes reached values above the average followed by cooler nights. All contributed to a good maturation of the grape.

Barolo 2015, in my opinion, expresses the climatic trends of this vintage: the classic colour of the Nebbiolo is not very loaded, the nose smells fine, quite complex, with hints of red fruits and a slight vegetable note.

In palate a good freshness and a tannin, yes still a little ‘ astringent, but that will certainly contribute to the evolution of the structure and longevity.

The year 2015 is already enjoyable in the short and medium term.

Personally I am glad that these latest vintages give the opportunity to be able to savor, without waiting a lot, this “fruit of the vine” and appreciate “the work of Man”

Giancarlo Germano

AIS Sommelier

Barolo 2015.
A wine, that speaks of viticulture and climatic trends. The vintage tends to be warm but without any particular stress. A wine that shows its muscles and its elegance in relation to the different areas of vines and the different units of land of the wonderful area of Barolo.

It confirms the tendency of the producers to maintain the expression of the territory and the vineyards without aggravation in the cellar.

The result is a Barolo that at sight maintains its identity with ruby tones not too intense, the nose is still young with more fruity notes that tend to the tertiary, in the mouth is full with tactile tannins and not too dry.
Pleasant in young age, not complicated, a book that is read in one evening, even if it has an excellent evolutionary potential worthy of its name.

Gianluca Viberti

Oenologist, Wine Maker