Barolo! Barolo! Barolo!


We are wise when we drink well:
Who doesn’t know how to drink, knows nothing.

Nicolas Boileau (1636-1711)

A sensory walk

From the Vineyard to the Glass

The Project “BAROLO! BAROLO! BAROLO! “is a horizontal tasting of three Barolo, that every day are chosen in rotation among those selected by our Tasting Commission and that come from different vineyards and soils, because the morphology of the area of Barolo is the result of epochs different geological characteristics that are reflected in the structure of the wine, defining it.

Our message


The body of Barolo depends on the area of production…
And the wine producer gives him the soul.

Three different expressions, for one great Barolo

Barolo Wine Educational

Who is it addressed To?

Our visitors are accompanied in a real sensory journey “from the vineyard to the Glass”:
The tasting is preceded by a brief introduction, in which it comes into “sensory” contact with the Earth
From which come the wines presented in the tasting, to better understand what the characteristics that each individual producer interprets in its own way, making the Barolo unique, but with a DNA that unites it to many others while keeping it unrepeatable.

The service is available in four languages (Italian, English, French and German)

What is the goal?

Our aim is really ambitious:

-Allow the less “experienced” enotourist to concretely experience that quality is a value in itself from the structure
And that from the label it is possible to acquire many useful information about its characteristics

-Help the enthusiast to broaden his knowledge of the sensory Profiles of Barolo

How much is it?

The cost of Barolo Wine Educational “Barolo! Barolo! Barolo! “is 20 euro per person (incl. VAT).

The payment is made directly to the Desk, at the time of the accreditation, on the issue of regular fiscal document.

How to book?

For appointments from Monday to Friday

Except for the days of extraordinary closure and weekly rest, the Barolo Wine Educational Barolo! Barolo! Barolo! it is possible only for organized groups starting from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 25 people, also in consideration of the spaces available and the time requirements of the participants.

The service lasts about 1 hour and is available in Italian, English, French or German.

For any additional information, please write to:

Our staff will answer you within 24-48 hours

For Saturday and Sunday appointments

For instance there are no appointments on the weekend.


Thursday: 10,30 - 18,30

Friday: 10,30 - 18,30

Saturday: 10,30 - 18,30

Sunday: 10,30 - 18,30

Monday: 10,30 - 18,30

CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday


Our classic tastings, with the help of Enomatic, resume with a selection of up to 16 Barolo per day, different for producer and vintage

from Thursday to Monday, from 10.30 to 18.00