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Our Tastings

True connoisseurs don’t drink wine: they taste secrets.

Salvador Dalí (1904 – 1989)

From Barolo to BaroloBarolo! Barolo! Barolo!

A Barolo experience

Beyond the Glass

The quality wine is not born by chance and is not even the result of an exaggerated technique, but it’s the synthesis of past, present and future, because it can not ignore the vine and the environment in which it’s produced (which has a origin in the past), from the vintage of Harvest (which is the link with the present) and the ageing (which sometimes is limited to a few months and sometimes can be prolonged for years).

Appreciating a quality wine means
Its “voice” starting from when it’s poured into the glass: each, in fact, produces a different “sound”, which defines and characterizes it at the same time, and whether it’s a concert of notes still in progress, whether it’s already perceived the harmonious and perfect melody, what communicates us is the first real sensory impression of the tasting.

Here then its colors, its scents and its flavors invite us to






the sensations, that speak of its history, its present condition and its evolution, and how the producer has been able to make a wine that has the extraordinary ability to put everyone in agreement, because even the palate less trained, which maybe has less familiarity in translating all those perceptions into words, recognizes the pleasantness of a good wine.

Our Tasting

What kind of Barolo… And why?

Tastings at the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo are designed
offering the possibility of a first approach to Barolo to those, who don’t know it or still know little
and proposing an opportunity to deepen the lovers.

This is how our concept of ” didactic tasting” was born, developed and concretized over time with the projects:

From Barolo to Barolo

Taste and discover the Barolo through a “sensory path”, that allows you to choose freely according to your taste and your preferences.

Reservation is not necessary

Barolo! Barolo! Barolo!

3 Barolo from vineyards and different soils, because the morphology of the Barolo area is the result of geological periods, that define its structure.

Booking compulsory


Our documentation

Theofficial map of Barolo

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The Barolo DOCG in brief

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Thursday: 10,30 – 18,30

Friday: 10,30 – 18,30

Saturday: 10,30 – 18,30

Sunday: 10,30 – 18,30

Monday: 10,30 – 18,30

CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday


Our classic tastings, with the help of Enomatic, resume with a selection of up to 16 Barolo per day, different for producer and vintage

from Thursday to Monday, from 10.30 to 18.00