Enoteca Regionale del Barolo

Only producers and Barolo of the highest quality chosen with blind tasting

When Barolo is an experience


The Enoteca Regionale del Barolo is not a shop, at least not in the common sense of the term.

Yes, it’s true: you can buy over 120 Barolo labels from different vintages and producers…

However, we prefer to define ourselves as the “place” of Barolo, where we have the ambition to accompany anyone interested in discovering or deepening the world of the king of wines through a point of view that puts individual tastes and needs before strictly commercial rules.

The Enoteca Regionale del Barolo in brief

Facts, People & Curiosity



There is no perfect Barolo a priori,
but there is the ideal Barolo for every occasion.


We thought of our space as an imaginary
Barolo paper that can reach up to over 120 labels


To date there are 220, but our Tasting Commission is always engaged in verifications of samples already selected and new admissions

"Seasts in Castello"

Narration and enhancement of the short supply chain in an “institutional” way.

The Association

40 years of experience for Barolo, always ready for new goals!

The Technical Tasting Commission "A. Cordero"

Producers, Oenologists, AIS Sommeliers, Consultants and Consumers

The New Vintage

Every year, in June, a special program of tastings, meetings and insights on the new vintage on the market


We live the territory of Langhe and Roero through the 4 Regional Wine Bars and discover the excellence of the short supply chain

Food & Barolo

Barolo in the kitchen stimulates us to try elaborate dishes, but also simpler and tastier foods.
Enjoy your meal and … Cheers!


Thursday: 10,30 - 18,30

Friday: 10,30 - 18,30

Saturday: 10,30 - 18,30

Sunday: 10,30 - 18,30

Monday: 10,30 - 18,30

CLOSED: Tuesday, Wednesday


Our classic tastings, with the help of Enomatic, resume with a selection of up to 16 Barolo per day, different for producer and vintage

from Thursday to Monday, from 10.30 to 18.00