Barolo Tasting

The great quality wine was not born by chance nor it is the result of an exasperated technique of production, but it is a summary of past, present and future: the Barolo cannot abstract from the vine variety and the environment of production (which has an origin in the past), from the vintage of the grape harvest (which represents the connection with the present time) and from the ageing (which sometimes can takes just few months but other times it can lasts for years).

To appreciate the quality of a wine means to “listen” to its “voice” from the beginning, since it is poured in the stem glass, because every wine produces a different “sound” which defines and characterises itself. It can be whether a concert of notes still in progress or already a harmonious and perfect melody: in any case the wine tasting will give you a great first sensorial impression.

The colours, the scents and the flavours of the Barolo invite us “to see”, “to smell” and “to taste” its sensational features telling us about its history, its present, its evolution and about how the producers have managed to make a wine which agrees everybody. Also the less untrained palates, those which are not familiar with the wine world, could be able to recognise the greatness of the Barolo wine.

The wine tasting by the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo is really thought to give the Barolo amateur the possibility to have a first contact with this wine or to offer the most expert the possibility to deepen their knowledge.

Therefore the concept of a “technical wine tasting” has grown up and it has developed with the projects of: