For some years the promotional aim of the Enoteca Regionale del Barolo has been realized with a series of local and national events, in cooperation with the represented winemakers and other regional wine shops, with the aim of spreading the excellence of the piedmonts-wine-food culture.

According to this viewpoint, in 2011 the Enoteca started a series of events focused on wine and food tastings in partnership with Assopiemonte DOP & IGP, an organization joined by the six producer associations of the Protected Designation of Origin cheeses, realized exclusively in Piedmont (Bra, Castelmagno, Murazzano, Raschera, Robiola di Roccaverano e Toma Piemontese).

The Enoteca Regionale del Barolo proposes every year three strengthened appointment for the wine lovers, the Barolo experts and beginners: - “Cioccolato alla Corte del Barolo Chinato” (March) - It's a special tasting of a great variety of Barolo Chinato in combination with the best quality of piedmonts chocolate. - “Un’annata alla Vostra Attenzione (June) - The wine makers disclose to the public and the press the last vintage of Barolo on sell. Important part of the event is the presentation of the author label which “dresses” the bottle selected as institutional representative of the Enoteca for the vintage at issue. The institutional Barolo is then dedicated to a personality particularly bound to the wine world. - “Calici di Stelle” (August) - During the week of the shooting stars, the Enoteca propose particulate narrated wine tastings and a toast to the summer season with an overview of the most represented wine makers.

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